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Parallel lives

Out of one universe, and into another.
Stepping into a parallel world,
Seems now so easy.
The numbness spares me pain, else I would be insane,
My brain need not calculate,
I've made this smooth transition before.

This world, though, carries guilt from the last.
This life is built upon one element.
Upon a passion I so truly enjoy.
Upon pure unadulterated joy.

The only adulteration this contains,
Is the time I couldn't give to the life before.
Here I go, mentally moulting again.
Here I go, pretending not to be insane.

There is another plane,
Where I fend for the shell.
Where my mind I sell, and my head.
In return, I get bread.

Insulated from each other,
They fake isolation.
The truth bears witness,
To the absolute chaos.
To the lunacy that drives me.
The truth of parallel lives and realities.

Entropy embodied

The piercing pain of another day wasted,
This fight between two factions,
This war is only by inaction.
The bookmarks tell of incomplete journeys.
Of ways walked, but not all the way.
This horrific trial by fire burns me where I stay.
Do not what I want,
Nor what they desire.
Others have told me that I excel,
In so many fields where I had not the patience to dwell.
My stillness eats me.
My action stabs me,
Caught between the devil and the deep sea.
One's no better than the other,
These tearing opponents now pull me either way.
I look for compromise,
Suffering is the price I pay.
Just a Jack of all my trades,
Caught in a thorny bush,
There is no escape,
Sitting here I bleed to death,
To try to pull out is to end my life.
It's not a pretty place where I am, right now.
I am the vortex of entropy embodied.

Disfigured collage

This was the place, where I was supposed to belong,
Supposed to speak their tongue,
Supposed to sing their song.
People of one age are supposed to get along.

Why am I cursed with being different?
And why do you appear so trivial and vain?
Is it my influences, or is it my mind?
That just doesn't fit me into this disfigured collage.

You talk of body and people for such lengths,
Ideas, well, not one of your strengths.
And what little you do care to discuss.
Are cut short by your lack of focus.

Is there a world where I belong?
Where they sing my song?
And where I fit into the collage?
Or is this a bane - to be in the minority for life.

Anyway you look at it, it doesn't matter anymore.
For, I've seen many like you sink noiselessly before.
I've seen what becomes of those who don't care to strive.
Heed ye, three words that are your future - nine to five.

The dead ship

Wasn't it you who walked that road with me?
Wasn't it you who scorned at their wretched wrongdoings?
I sometimes wonder when and how,
When this person I see in you now.
Why have you taken to their addictions?
Rationalize, at least. Put this mind to rest.
Or maybe, rationale was never one of your strengths.
For the sake of all we shared,
Why did you fail this previously passed test?
And now you flare up at me for someone who aids in your new attrition,
The devil, it seems, has worked his wizardry well enough.
You now pooh what we once admonished.
At the fork in the road, what can I do but wish you luck?
While knowingly I see you settle your own hash, and your steps falter.
And I see you ignore the reality you chose to alter,
Before you resume your journey,
Look beside that broken bridge,
Once worthy, there rests a dead ship.

It happens everyday

The wheel completes another full circle.
Nature changes her gown, now old.
As change comes in with a hurtle,
The objects differ, the essence remains.
Down we go, down this recursive lane.
The time has come - to be the same again.

Somewhere else walls fall,
Elsewhere are new ones built.
Some cracks weaken now their structures,
Some roots grow strong deep within.
The Sun goes down, the Earth - she's on her way.
You know it happens everyday.

Another revolution now begins.
Come aboard, join the ride.
For once Nature re-enters that dressing room,
It will be your time and mine.

Scenes from a memory (February 14, 2002)

Disconnected from your nourishment,
Weaker, but stronger to go on.
Hard to explain what those wasted days meant,
The rock covers the tomb, no ray of light will evermore meet the eye.
Visited by the inane oafs of memoryland,
Words nor force shall succeed in unlocking this door.
As straight as a ray of light,
As strong as the force that created it.
Of broken wholes and joyous times,
And of strong things that can disappear in one night.

Either side of the twilight fence

Miracles and His wonders,
Faith and love and their formidable power,
Hate and balance and all that is not desired,
Heart and soul and music,
Intelligence, pragmatism and what's real.
Instantiate all that I wanted,
Substantiate my mould,
My mould of perfection,
Of what I needed.
Walls of infidelity broken down,
The prisoner has escaped,
The king in my life,
The queen, my wife, the truth.
That my eyes are too small to see.
Stones throw from my heart's compound,
Where you reside.
And which He orchestrates, I'm mad about you.
My pounding heart beats, the night ignites,
My hallucinations, or masterpieces of ugliness.
And visions of beauty.
Random words and environmental influence guide my fingers, brain and my heart.
However blindly I walk the road, I care not to notice anything.
Walking, going, I know not where.
I won't know where I've been when I look back.
Love is strange, can't have enough now that I'm inside.
Couldn't care less when I was out.

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